Monday, October 24, 2011

Notorious P.I.G

With the upcoming release of The Muppets Movie, InStyle recently did an interview with America’s swine sweetheart– Miss Piggy.  What a style icon with all of her glitz and glamour.  The article highlights her 5 Style Commandments, including “Clothes are like friends:  They should always complement your appearance.”    While reading Miss Piggy’s Style Commandments, I couldn’t help but think of my own personal style rules and what I try to stick to… 
1.       Wear it now.  I’m not a big fan of “saving” clothes for something special.  Granted, if you buy a dress for a wedding, yes you should save it for the wedding and not wear it out running errands.  However, don’t keep saving a top for some special night that you’re waiting to pop up.  Wear it now.  Who knows what could happen tomorrow, and you don’t want to have a “new” shirt in your closet 2 years later with the tags still on because you were saving it.
2.       Build upon basics.  I am a big believer in high quality basics – A nice black skirt, dark denim, a white blouse, black boots.  Take those and build upon them with accessories, sweaters, cute heels.  Don’t go buy a random sparkly sweater you can only wear once because it doesn’t go with anything.
3.       Quality, not quantity.  Ok, let’s be honest.  I like quantity too.  But quality items that will last you years just seem like a better investment.  Perhaps it was ok in college to go buy 10 shirts from Forever 21 for 70 bucks and call it good, however, how long did those shirts really last?  3 nights out then they ripped?  It’s time to invest in items with staying power.
4.       Tailor.  No point in having quality items if they don’t fit.  Find the perfect skirt, but it’s just an inch too long?  Go spend the extra $10 and get it hemmed.
5.       Dress for yourself.  What do YOU want to wear?  Do you want to wear a cute dress to go to the movies and eat popcorn?  Do it.  If you look good and feel good in an outfit, you’ll exude confidence.  And nothing is more attractive.  Just ask Miss Piggy…  She’s the most confident girl out there. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Think Pink

It’s October – Not only my favorite month because the leaves are turning bright colors and I will soon celebrate my birthday, but it is also an important month to recognize Breast Cancer Awareness.   So, when companies like LOFT support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and design cute clothes and jewelry for the cause, I’m all in! 
I love the t-shirts that LOFT has designed to raise money for the BCRF, so I had to scoop one up.  I love dressing up a simple shirt in a fun way – With a skirt and heels or jeans and a jacket.  I was even able to pair it with the BCRF bracelet I purchased last year from LOFT.

Great style – All for a great cause!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hello Lover

Ok, I cracked.  I bought something before my Vegas trip when I said I was going to be frugal.  Whoopsie.  But, I don’t regret it.  J

I had a wedding last weekend and I was really struggling with what to wear.  I didn’t want to purchase a new dress, but all of the dresses in my closet were either too casual or not appropriate for the weather.  So, I went with a simple black dress I’ve had for a few years and decided I would dress it up with shoes.  Therefore, I justified a new shoe purchase.  I went with some amazing leopard print heels, which spoke to me, luring me in.  They looked great with my dress and I managed to wear them all night on the dance floor.  So, even though I slipped up and bought something new before my trip, I know I will pack them and wear them in Vegas as well.  J

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

R.I.P shoesies...

There comes a day in each pair of shoes life when you must lay them to rest…  Either they no longer fit, are out of style, or are so worn down that it becomes unacceptable to wear them in public.  Or maybe they just disappear…  Lost forever on a trip, sitting alone in a hotel room where they were forgotten to be packed or left on a wedding dance floor when you switched into flip flops.  Well, I had to pay my respects and let a pair go the other day.  Their time had come.

I purchased this pair of nude, suede pumps 4 years ago and they have served me well.  Always a great go-to heel that went with anything – jeans for a night out or work pants for the office.  So, when I put them on the other day and the heel wobbled beneath me, I knew our time together was coming to an end.

As I wobbled around on my wiggly heel, I contemplated taking them to the cobbler for a little repair.  However, I realized the cost wasn’t worth it.  I then attempted to fix the poor thing with super glue…  Yes, super glue.  That really did nothing besides getting my finger stuck to a piece of paper for a few moments.  So, with my failed attempt, I decided it was time to say farewell.  Thanks for the great ride, upping my height to 5’6” and supporting my feet through this journey called life.  J  May your soles rest in peace.