Sunday, January 29, 2012

Stack It

Ever since I saw this inspiring pin on Pinterest, I have been really into layering bracelets and mixing and matching metals, colors and beads.  I remember the days when it was viewed as a fashion “don’t” to mix silver and gold jewelry, but now it looks trendy and current.  I think the key to layering and stacking arm candy is finding the perfect balance.  If you’re going to add a few bracelets, avoid wearing a giant statement ring on the same hand.  I really don’t think you can go wrong here…  You can show off your charms, wear a special friendship bracelet and tell time all on the same wrist.  J
Pinterest Inspiration…

My interpretation…

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sugar vs Spice

Sugar vs Spice.  Girly vs Edgy.  Good vs Bad.  There are so many ways to define contrasting styles and your own style personality.  Ladylike and demure pieces can give an almost vintage appeal, but with a fresh attitude.  Small accents like bows and a pale palette can bring out your ultimate girly style, without actually looking like a little girl.  In contrast, edgy mixes of fabric such as leather, lace or dark sequins create a more spicy look.  Of course black dominates here, but the mix of fabrics takes you far away from biker chick and much closer to sultry and sassy.
A little Sugar…
A little Spice…

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Pinterest may be the greatest thing since…  Well, since regular cork boards.  But so much better!  My pinterest obsession recently spiked while going through so many inspiring fashion pins.  Shoes, styling ideas and fun prints were added to my boards.  One particular look that caught my eye was a grey on grey sweater and pants outfit.  It caught my attention because I wouldn’t expect such a monotone color palette to be so stunning.  But, I loved it and had to create my own monotone look from my wardrobe.
Pinterest Inspiration…

My Interpretation…

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Maxidress: Now & Later

Most women have items in their closet that are distinctively “summer” or “winter.”  Or maybe even an entire summer wardrobe and completely separate winter wardrobe.  I try to purchase items that can work in more than one season, however it can be tricky with sundresses and shorts.  J 
Before reading the February issue of InStyle, I would have never considered bringing out my black maxidress in the winter.  I have always worn it to summer cook-outs or even the pool, but the magazine so cleverly made it cold-weather appropriate that I had to try it myself. 

For Winter: I added a shirt, cropped jacket, tights and grey booties to warm up the dress which made it cozy for cold days.

For Spring: I lost the layers and added a vibrant scarf and belt for the warmer days to come.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

8 Pieces, 7 Days of Outfits

Isn’t it always the same story for us women?  You stare into a closet full of clothes and think “I have nothing to wear!”  I say this a couple times a week picking out what to wear in the morning, when clearly I have PLENTY of options.  So, I decided to stop complaining and challenged myself to create 7 outfits from 8 simple pieces in my wardrobe.  I think the results show that I actually have some amazing possibilities in my closet, I just need to stop whining and start thinking outside of the box.
What I started with…
1 blazer
1 sweater
1 dress
1 white button down shirt
1 pair of jeans
1 necklace
1 bag
1 pair of shoes

First, I started with the dress, necklace and bag.  A great outfit for a night out.

Then I added the white button down and blazer for a more work appropriate look.

I then switched out the shirt and blazer for the sweater, giving myself another work option or a nice outfit for a brunch.

After, I switched into my jeans, threw on my white button down and necklace for a classic look.

Then I simply added the blazer and removed the necklace for a casual Friday at the office.

By adding my sweater over the blouse, I created a cute and preppy look.

Finally, I kept my jeans with my sweater, blazer and necklace to complete my 7 outfits.  J

Thursday, January 5, 2012

A New Love for Polka Dots

I decided against any concrete 2012 New Year Resolutions since studies show they only last between two and three weeks.  Plus, I think I am always trying to improve and push myself throughout the year, so I don’t necessarily need a new year to get myself motivated.
However, perhaps one easy fashion resolution will be to Wear More Polka Dots!!  For New Year’s Eve I was planning to wear my green dress and leopard heels out on the town, however at the last minute I found a polka dot dress on sale at J.Crew and decided to purchase it.  Why not?  It was something different, fun and light since I was celebrating in Florida.  I just loved the new dress and the classic polka dot pattern.  It’s just the right amount of girly with a little elegance. 
So, I needed to remind myself of all the cute polka dot items I already have in my closet.  I have some great tops that perhaps were not getting the attention they deserve.  Polka dots can be so easily paired with any pattern – Stripes, leopard and vibrant colors.  You just can’t go wrong.  J