Sunday, January 8, 2012

8 Pieces, 7 Days of Outfits

Isn’t it always the same story for us women?  You stare into a closet full of clothes and think “I have nothing to wear!”  I say this a couple times a week picking out what to wear in the morning, when clearly I have PLENTY of options.  So, I decided to stop complaining and challenged myself to create 7 outfits from 8 simple pieces in my wardrobe.  I think the results show that I actually have some amazing possibilities in my closet, I just need to stop whining and start thinking outside of the box.
What I started with…
1 blazer
1 sweater
1 dress
1 white button down shirt
1 pair of jeans
1 necklace
1 bag
1 pair of shoes

First, I started with the dress, necklace and bag.  A great outfit for a night out.

Then I added the white button down and blazer for a more work appropriate look.

I then switched out the shirt and blazer for the sweater, giving myself another work option or a nice outfit for a brunch.

After, I switched into my jeans, threw on my white button down and necklace for a classic look.

Then I simply added the blazer and removed the necklace for a casual Friday at the office.

By adding my sweater over the blouse, I created a cute and preppy look.

Finally, I kept my jeans with my sweater, blazer and necklace to complete my 7 outfits.  J


  1. So, you beat InStyle to this one, they have the remixed polka dot skirt in the April issue, which is also the issue that made me read your blog. And, p.s., I am now a HUGE FAN. It's like having a birthday or Christmas every month when my InStyle hits the mailbox. :)