Thursday, March 1, 2012

Four Seasons, One Closet

Women often ask me how I organize my closet.  No, I don’t have 2 closets separating my summer and winter apparel.  And I don’t shove all of my winter clothes into a trunk when summer arrives.  By mixing and matching articles of clothing, layering and reinventing pieces, I manage to fit my wardrobe for all four seasons into my one walk-in closet. 

I know many women organize their closet by color, however I am more of a “categorizer.”  I assign areas that make sense to me…  Short sleeve blouses, sweaters, jackets, work pants, jeans…  Then there are summer dresses, winter dresses and in-betweenie dress.   Cocktail dresses, skirts and summer shorts.  Clutches and scarves live in cute cloth bins, and finally, my shoes are a little bit all over the place, but again, it all makes sense to me.  J

My biggest suggestion for closet organization and cleaning would be to first decide what to keep, toss, donate or tailor. Would you feel excited, comfortable or pretty wearing it out tonight? If the answer is no, let it go! Or, if you can’t say goodbye just yet, simply place your “questionable” items in a bag and put it under your bed. Revisit the bag in 3 months and see if you even remember what you put in there. There’s your answer. J

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