Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mad about Plaid

Before flipping through the January issue of InStyle, I was about to donate my plaid shirts because I thought I looked like a lumberjack or picnic blanket wearing them.  However, the magazine convinced me to keep them and simply style them in a different way.  Plaid shirts are actually a fun and colorful basic to wear out running errands or even dress up for the office.
Some things to keep in mind when buying or styling plaid…
1.       Keep the material in mind – A thick flannel can look a little lumberjack.  Stick with a thinner material or cotton.
2.       Color Counts – Pick a plaid with some color to get away from the cowgirl vibe.  Perhaps a bright green or mix of pinks?
3.       Styling makes a difference – Don’t just throw on a plaid shirt with chunky boots.  Rethink things and pair it with heels, cute flats or maybe a skirt.

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