Thursday, January 5, 2012

A New Love for Polka Dots

I decided against any concrete 2012 New Year Resolutions since studies show they only last between two and three weeks.  Plus, I think I am always trying to improve and push myself throughout the year, so I don’t necessarily need a new year to get myself motivated.
However, perhaps one easy fashion resolution will be to Wear More Polka Dots!!  For New Year’s Eve I was planning to wear my green dress and leopard heels out on the town, however at the last minute I found a polka dot dress on sale at J.Crew and decided to purchase it.  Why not?  It was something different, fun and light since I was celebrating in Florida.  I just loved the new dress and the classic polka dot pattern.  It’s just the right amount of girly with a little elegance. 
So, I needed to remind myself of all the cute polka dot items I already have in my closet.  I have some great tops that perhaps were not getting the attention they deserve.  Polka dots can be so easily paired with any pattern – Stripes, leopard and vibrant colors.  You just can’t go wrong.  J

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