Monday, August 8, 2011

Making InStyle MY Style

As I was flipping through the August issue of InStyle, I was thinking about how often I rip out pages for future “outfit inspiration” and then never do anything with them.  So, I challenged myself to re-create some of my favorite looks from existing items in my wardrobe.  Here are the results…

1. Color Crash Course in Cherry
This section inspired me to pull out my cherry dress that I typically wear in the winter with textured tights and a sweater.  The “Pairs Well With” guide suggested navy, so I slipped on my blue heels and really liked the bright look for summer! 

2. Yellow Trench Coat
This page was a great reminder of the yellow trench coat I got at TJ Maxx two years ago.  I have never quite known what to wear it with since I always end up feeling like a five-year-old with a yellow rain coat on.  However, these looks were so cute and chic I had to try.  I actually loved the yellow trench on top of my orange sweater.  Great color combination! 

3. Purple dress
The brown bag on this page reminded me of a vintage bag I got from my Grandma about a year ago.  I love the bag, very “Mary Poppins-esque” but I have never actually used it.  It has been patiently sitting on the top shelf of my closet waiting for the perfect outfit to pick it up, and this purple dress was it!

Overall, I love the looks that InStyle pulls together and it was fun to mix and match pieces hiding in my closet.  I’ll have to do this more often!  J

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