Sunday, November 13, 2011

HOT Pink

I was recently thinking about how the colors of my wardrobe change so drastically in the fall and winter…  I go from wearing warm oranges, yellows and reds in the summer and early fall, then the first frost hits and I immediately switch to wearing my grey and black sweater dresses with tights and boots.  In comes the winter, out goes the color.  So, I appreciate that InStyle recently featured hot pink on their color crash course page.
I couldn’t help but think about how much I love the color pink and how little I wear it.  I grew up in a pink bedroom, wearing pink tights to ballet class and even had a bright pink pair of high top sneakers.  And now although I still love the color, I have very little of it in my closet.  So, I decided to pull out the pink items that I do have and bring a little color back into my grey and black winter attire.  J

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  1. just randomly found your blog! you are adorable! love your shirt in the second pic! xo