Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy Birthday to Shoe!

Birthdays… Who doesn’t love a birthday celebration?  Last week marked my quarter century birthday and I couldn’t help but think about my consistent passion for the last 25 years…  Shoes.  It started at a young age when I would prance around in my Mom’s heels or dress up in Dorothy ruby slippers.  The shoe fetish continued into my adolescent years, trying different trends including Chuck Taylor’s and those chunky Doc Martin’s.  Then, college came, and I destroyed many a heel walking across camps or on the filthy bar floors.  And my obsession continues…  My closet is chock full of wonderfully delightful shoes that make me happy.  J

My Mom, knowing me so well, got me the perfect shoe-themed birthday gift.  First, tiny shoe cookies.  Delish and adorable.

Second, a shoe wine stopper.  Because drinking great wine in a pair of heels is a beautiful thing.

Third, an amazing pair of heels. 

The perfect gifts from my wonderful Mom.  J

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