Monday, November 7, 2011

Girl Meets Boy...

I’m pretty much the last person who would ever want to dress masculine.  I always pick a dress or skirt over pants, I’m almost always in heels and I am obsessed with having my nails painted.  So, I was skeptical when InStyle featured a “Girl Meets Boy” section in the November issue.  However, as I looked through the pages and stylish outfits, I realized just how “girly” some masculine trends can be.

I was drawn to the necktie page and thought, why can’t a girl wear a tie?  In a more cute and trendy way, of course.  A tie can act as so many different accessories…  A belt, a headband, a bow…  Or worn loosely over a blouse, to look both casual and professional at the same time.  So, even though I will always love pink, bows and have my heels on, I am willing to give these “boy trends” a try.

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