Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Coveting Now - Missoni for Target

Fashion lovers everywhere have been patiently anticipating the September 13th launch of Missoni for Target.  Like a big movie premiere or Black Friday sale, folks lined up outside stores and stalked the Target website to get their hands on pieces from the much-anticipated collection.  So, when the Target website crashed just minutes after the items became available, it was interesting to watch Missoni cult addicts lash out on Target’s Facebook page.  Shoppers completely freaked out…  “I will NEVER get my Missoni rain boots at this rate!!” one consumer said.  Yikes.  I myself was excited about the launch and to look at the items online, however I don’t constitute buying rain boots as a life or death situation. 

Since the 1950’s, Missoni has been recognized worldwide for it’s eclectic, colorful and recognizable mix-and-match patterns.   It’s no wonder that crowds gathered for the launch of this line in order to get a little piece of iconic Italian fashion of their own…  at an affordable price.

I stopped by Target after work on Tuesday to pick up a few things and check out the collection.  By 5:30pm, it was slim pickings.  What was left was cute and eye-catching, but there wasn’t much.  I did manage to grab an adorable and affordable pair of colorful flats, an irresistible pair of socks and a patterned umbrella.  Although small, I’m really happy with my Missoni finds.  I will imagine myself walking the streets of Italy when I wear them. 

And to all those who didn’t get your Missoni rain boots…  Calm down.  There are plenty of boots in the sea of fashion.  J

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