Thursday, September 8, 2011

Shoe Surprise

Surprise!  Who doesn’t love a surprise?  Well, some people don’t, but I do!  Especially when that surprise is your Mom unexpectedly buying you a cute pair of shoes.  It all occurred when my Mom and I were perusing the end of the summer shoe sale at Dillards.  So many cute shoes at great prices, but most of them were sandals and peep toes on clearance in order to make room for the new fall inventory.  I had my eye on a darling pair of wedges at a bargain price, but still felt they were a little unnecessary since the summer months are over and the temps are cooling down.  And then…  Surprise!  My Mom says she’ll buy them for me!  What an unexpected treat and how sweet of her!  I was thrilled and quickly said “thank you!”  Even though I am bringing out some of my closed toe shoes and boots for the colder months, I will still find a day or two to wear them this season.  And when I do, I will think of the expected sweet surprise from my Mom. 

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