Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Fashionable Life

It seems like many women wait for an event or trip to bring out the “big guns” in their closet.  What I mean is, women often save new clothes, outfits or nice dresses for the perfect event.  This is something I once did and then realized a year later that I had never worn that dress I was “saving” for the ideal event.  A year had gone by and the dress I was waiting to wear still hung in my closet with the tags on.  And at that point, I wasn’t so in love with the dress anymore. 

So, you might as well make your life fashionable.   Everyday life is an opportunity to have a fashion “moment.”  Don’t wait for a party, your job or a wedding to get dolled up.  Why not wear the shoes you love out for a day of shopping or to a family dinner?  If you wait for the perfect moment to wear something you love, you may never end up wearing it.  So go ahead, wear your favorite shoes to the grocery store.  J

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