Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Nailed It!

Once again inspired by Pinterest, I have had a recent obsession with fun and creative manicures and nail designs.  Since I wasn’t allowed to wear nail polish in high school, I think my fixation with having well manicured fingers started in college and developed into my professional career.  I think nail polish is like an extra accessory and having well manicured fingers can dress up any outfit.

First, I tried some fun polka dots on my ring finger by delicately using a toothpick and multi-colored polishes.

Then, I decided to try to match my polish to my shoes by doing a nude and pink version of a French manicure.

Finally, since the beautiful spring weather came early, I decided to brighten things up with a bright yellow tipped French.

But sometimes, nothing compares to a classic French manicure.

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