Thursday, March 22, 2012

Strategy Room

Your closet is not just a closet…  It is your strategy room.  Just like companies make strategic choices and business decisions, you have the ability to strategize your outfits to look good, feel good and be the best version of yourself.  Based on my upcoming day, I consider my outfit the night before.  Do I need extra confidence because I am going to be giving a presentation?  If so, I’ll pick something with great color and a killer pair of heels.  If I am going to spend the day running around, I will choose a more comfortable pair of pants and chic flats.  It’s all about strategizing and planning ahead.

Create a “judgment space” in your closet where you can hang pieces up for the next morning.  This allows you to see how colors mix and match and cuts down on getting ready time in the morning.  So remember, your outfit reflects your daily strategy and each day is a chance to have your very own fashion moment.  J

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