Monday, March 26, 2012

Work to Weekend, Part I

I don’t know too many women that have strict “work wear” and a completely separate “weekend wardrobe.”  Yes, there are those pieces that you probably shouldn’t wear to the office (sweatpants, short skirts or tank tops) but there are so many ways to interweave your work wardrobe and casual wardrobe together.  With office dress codes becoming more relaxed in a lot of professional environments, there are plenty of ways to dress for success at the office and then take those same pieces and style them for a fun weekend look.

Striped jacket

This light spring jacket is perfect for the office with a bright colored shirt to contrast.  Pair with tailored pants and a great bag for a classic work look.

Then, take the jacket and pair with skinny jeans and pumps for a flirty weekend outfit.

Polka dot dress

This dress can be easily paired with a suit jacket to dress it up for a day at the office. 

Take the dress from corporate to elegant by ditching the jacket, adding some bold bracelets and a clutch.  Perfect for a weekend dinner date or cocktail party.

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