Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lions, and tigers, and shoes! Oh my!

Today after work my Mom asked me to go shoe shopping with her to find a pair of heels to go with a dress she is wearing to a wedding.  Naturally, I said “of course!”   Now, like most women, I am a lady on a budget so I told myself I was going to help HER and not shop for myself.   So, I stuck with that and gave my opinion on about 7 pairs of heels before she decided on one.  Well, of course I did take a little look around just to see the selection for a future purchase.  After that, we went and looked at cosmetics where I indulged in an affordable splurge – a new nail polish!  And then, we came across the most adorable little sign that I immediately picked up – “Keep the courage, I want the shoes!” with Dorothy ruby slippers.  As I read the sign, I couldn’t help but think that shoes can actually be a source of courage…   It always seems that I walk a little taller, feel more confident and am ready to take on the world when I’m wearing a killer pair of shoes.  J

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