Thursday, August 4, 2011

Why So Painful?

Doesn’t it seem the cutest shoes are always the ones that hurt your feet the most?  When I try on an uncomfortable yet completely adorable pair of heels, I always try to rationalize the pain by telling myself they will stretch out a bit or my feet are swollen that day, all while my poor tootsies being are squished and squeezed.  So why so painful?!  Where can I find a pair of comfy, cushy pair of killer heels that I want to wear for hours?  And I realize there are more comfortable heels out there…  The kitten heel, for example (the mullet of shoes if you ask me) would probably cause less pain to my arches, but I’m only 5’4” so I want to rock the 4” stilettos whenever I can!

Recently, I’ve been working on stretching out my shoes for a friend’s upcoming wedding.  All of the bridesmaids helped pick out the heel, and while they are cute and sassy, it feels like all of my toes are being murdered when I put them on.  So, in an attempt to stretch them, I occasionally put them on with thick socks and vacuum.  Cleaning in heels to practice my housewife duties?  Hardly.  Cleaning in heels so I can actually rock out in them at the wedding?  Yes!  I look completely ridiculous doing this, but I’m hoping my efforts will pay off.  If not, atleast I’ll have a clean house.  I think I’ll bring a back up pair of heels, just in case…

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