Monday, August 22, 2011

Orange ya glad?

The other day as I was randomly taking a silly “favorite color” personality quiz, I learned that my love for fall, being social and enjoying the smell of cinnamon all identify my favorite color to be orange.  This is not surprising since anyone could look around my house and realize that orange is my favorite hue based on all of my pretty orange decorations.  It is also not surprising that I recently purchased a vibrant orange skirt and am obsessed.  I realized after the fact that this skirt was featured in the August issue of InStyle, so of course I recreated their ensemble ideas and made them my own.

I couldn’t help but think about all of the other wonderfully bright and rich orange pieces I have in my wardrobe.  A few of my favorites are below…

My orange coat – An amazing find and gift from my Mom from the racks of TJ Maxx

My orange peep toes – Another TJ Maxx wonder.  Also my most comfortable pair of heels.

My orange sweater – Perfect for summer or fall

My favorite color quiz also pointed out that many people believe wearing something orange will cheer you up if you’re feeling grumpy.  So, if I am wearing one of my fabulous orange items, maybe I am not only putting myself in a good mood, but also brightening the day of people around me!  J

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