Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Seeing Spots - The Leopard Trend

The other day as my Mom and I headed out for a day of mother-daughter bonding over lunch, I noticed the adorable leopard print sandals she was wearing.  Besides immediately stating that I would be borrowing them (we luckily share the same shoe size) I got to thinking about leopard print as a fall trend and how to wear it.  My mom got it right by pairing her shoes with cropped jeans and a black top, however animal print can be tricky. 

With this prominent trend, how can you keep it fun and sassy without looking like, well…  a cougar.  Leopard print in accessories works and adds a unique touch to any outfit.   Head to toe leopard or hot pink leopard print look less refined.  My favorite leopard accessories are below.  Wear them boldly! 

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